What PFI Stands For?

What is a PFI charge?

A Protection from Intimidation (PFI) is a court order that prohibits adult offenders from intimidating (harassing and stalking) minor victims who are not in a relationship with the offender.

The offender cannot be a: Spouse or ex-spouse..

What is a PFI hospital?

The private finance initiative (PFI) is a way of funding public capital projects – such as NHS hospitals – using private sources of money to pay for the upfront costs of their design, build and maintenance.

What is the full meaning of PFI?

private finance initiativeA private finance initiative (PFI) is a way of financing public sector projects through the private sector. … In the United States, PFIs are also called public-private partnerships.

What does PFI stand for in law enforcement?

Forensic InvestigatorPCI Forensic Investigator (PFI) Program.

Who first introduced PFI?

the ConservativesThe first PFI was launched by the Conservatives in 1992. But use of the financing schemes exploded under the previous Labour government. At the turn of the millennium there were more than 60 new projects being signed-off every year.

How does a PFI contract work?

Simply put, PFI is a way for the public sector to build and subsequently operate an asset in an arrangement that requires the private sector to invest the upfront capital and results in the public sector paying a Unitary Charge.