What Is DABM?

What are the army officer branches?

The following are Officer Branch Specialties of the US Army:Infantry.

Air Defense Artillery.



Corps of Engineers.

Field Artillery.

Special Forces..

What is branch detail?

Branch Detailiing is where the cadet’s assigned Branch (e.g. Military Intelligence) loans the newly minted 2LT to one of the MFE Branches for Basic Officer Training and then first duty: (Infantry, Armor, Chemical, or Field Artillery) for the first 24-36 months of the 2LT’s career.

What does INAD mean in aviation?

➢ Inadmissible (INAD): have been or will be deemed as ineligible for legal entry into a. state upon their arrival. ➢ INAD are the financial responsibility of the carrier.

What is DEPA in aviation?

2.4 DEPA refers to the industry-approved code for a deportee who is escorted by authorised personnel during the removal. … 2.9 MEDA is the industry-approved code for a person who requires medical assistance, and which is reflected in that person’s airline reservation as an Special Service Request (SSR) data element.

Who is deported passenger in air travel?

What Does Deporting a Passenger Mean? People who are not citizens of the country in which they are based and people who are sent back to their country or another country for any reason (crime, etc.) are referred to as deportees or deported passengers.

What does INAD mean on ebay?

Item not as describedINAD = Item not as described.

What is OML army?

The original promotion system now generates an order of merit list, or OML, which is used to select Soldiers for promotion. … Instead, the OML will evaluate the force and determine Soldiers who are “fully-qualified” to promote. From there, the Army will employ a merit-based rating system to order the OML sequentially.

What branch goes to West Point?

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point’s mission is “to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United …

What does Depu mean?

INAD/DEPU/DEPA During the pre-flight briefing, the following passengers are always flagged up: INAD – inadmissible passengers, who usually have problems with visas or passports, DEPU – deportee unaccompanied, and DEPA – deportee, person in lawful custody.

How do you get OML points?

Your APFT score is about 15% of the score. They will look at your final APFT score from both semesters of your junior year. So the higher the score, the more points you get. You also get points for doing Cadet Advanced Individual Training (e.g. Airborne, Air Assault, etc.)

Where is OML in the army?

Soldiers who do not meet promotion requirements or fail to make the fully qualified list could be considered for involuntarily separation. Soldiers previously seen by an evaluation board can track their OML status at the Army Career Tracker website at https://actnow.army.mil/.

What are the 16 branches of the US Army?

Branches of the ArmyAir Defense ArtilleryAviationArmorMilitary IntelligenceSignal CorpsChemical CorpsTransportation CorpFinance CorpsQuartermasterOrdinanceArmy Nurse CorpsMedical CorpsDental CorpsVeterinary CorpsJudge Advocate1 more row