What Does Unencumbered RN License Mean?

What does unencumbered mean on a nursing license?

Related Definitions Unencumbered license means a license that is not revoked, suspended, or made probationary or conditional by the licensing or registering authority in the respective jurisdiction as a result of disciplinary action..

What does unrestricted RN license mean?

An “unrestricted license” is the license status you have until/unless you have had a problem that your state board of nursing has addressed by placing a restriction (temporary or permanent) on your license.

What can cause you to lose your RN license?

You can lose your nursing license for different reasons in different states, but disciplinary cases are usually grouped into one of these categories:Practice related.Abuse.Boundary violations.Sexual misconduct.Drug related.Fraud.Positive criminal background checks.

What does rn R mean in nursing?

The purpose of the boards of nursing is to protect the public. Passing the NCLEX-RN(R) Examination indicates that the nurse has the competencies necessary for entry-level nursing practice.