What Does Rebab Mean?

What are some examples of Electrophones?

ListANS synthesizer.Chamberlin.

Mellotron.Clavioline.Croix Sonore.Electronde.Electronic drum.Electronic keyboard.Hammond organ.More items….

What is a dilruba made of?

Both have a long fingerboard with frets and parched skin soundbox, and are played with the bow. Strings are made of metal instead of gut and sound is produced with the help of the left hand fingertips like the sitar. The wood used for making the structure is tun or sagwan.

How many strings does a Rebab have?

There is a long thin neck with a pegbox at the end and there are one, two or three strings. There is no fingerboard. The instrument is held upright, either resting on the lap or on the floor. The bow is usually more curved than that of the violin.

How many strings does a rubab have?

threeIt has three melody strings tuned in fourths, two or three drone strings and up to 15 sympathetic strings.

What is the meaning of Chordophone?

Chordophone, any of a class of musical instruments in which a stretched, vibrating string produces the initial sound. The five basic types are bows, harps, lutes, lyres, and zithers. The name chordophone replaces the term stringed instrument when a precise, acoustically based designation is required.

What is an example of a Chordophone?

Examples of chordophones played by bowing are double bass, violin and viola. Examples of chordophones that are played by plucking are banjo, guitar, harp, mandolin and ukulele. The piano, dulcimer and the clavichord are examples of chordophones that are struck.

What is Seronggagandi?

Description. Decorated bamboo tube, closed by a node at both ends. Two strings cut free and lifted by bamboo sticks and connected by a wooden bridge (or ‘platform’). The bridge is situated over a hole which makes the tube a resonator.

Who invented Rabab?

A boat-shaped variety, still played in northern Africa, was introduced by the Arabs to Spain in the 11th century and was played alongside its newly developed European descendant, the rebec, until the 14th century. In parts of Central Asia the word rabāb refers to a variety of lute.

What is the highest pitched instrument in the string family?

violinThe violin is the smallest and highest pitched member of the string family. The sound of the violin is high, bright, and sweet.

Who invented the Rebab?

Thought to have originated in Persia and perhaps arrived in Indonesia due to trading with India, the Balinese rebab is categorised as a “bowed spiked fiddle”. It is used as a melodic instrument in a number of different Balinese gamelan orchestras, notably gambuh, semar pegulingan and gong suling.