Quick Answer: What Rank Is Required For IFS?

Which is higher rank IAS or IFS?

If one gets top marks, one gets a service of one’s choice.

Usually, IAS is the most preferred service among candidates, followed by IFS and IPS.

Those with lower ranks get into allied civil services such as Indian Revenue Service, Indian Audit and Accounts Service and Indian Railways Service..

Are IFS officers powerful?

IFS officers are powerful in their own right, though they do not have the broad administrative powers that an IAS or IPS officer would have inside the country. Notwithstanding this, they shape India’s foreign policy and can wield a lot of influence on other departments related to their work.

Do IFS officers get bungalows?

Benefits of IFS officer The type of accommodation depends on the City and the respective country. ( For Example in New York City Indian Diplomats live in Apartments which are about 1500 Sq. feet, In Nepal you get about 1800 Sq. of residence within Embassy compound and in Dhaka, you get a whole bungalow.)

Can IFS officer marry foreigner?

In bygone years, an IFS officer who wished to marry a foreigner had to write two letters before tying the knot. One letter sought permission to marry a foreigner. … One of these letters would be accepted but the officer had no way of knowing in advance which of these two communications would be accepted.

Is IFS exam difficult?

IFS, IAS, IPS etc. all fall under the CSE which is administered by UPSC. … If you have been involved in matters about UPSC and IFS, you may have heard that UPSC is one of the toughest examinations out there. If you want dig further, go through the syllabus and atleast last 5 years questions, to get a rough idea.

What should be the rank for IFS?

UPSC rank wise post – 2017ServiceLast Rank (General Category)IFS152IAS105IPS245IRS (IT)3291 more row

What is the highest post in Ifs?

Foreign Secretary(The Highest Post under IFS is the Foreign Secretary, who serves from India).

Which language is best for IFS?

NEW DELHI: Queen’s English is such a foreign language that two batches of IFS probationers are to undergo English language training. Probationers are likely to be sent to the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) in Hyderabad for English courses.

Do IFS officers get bodyguards?

At initial levels IFS officers do not get bodyguards, as they are new to the service. … Ambassador or counsellor or minister might get some bodyguards.

What is the duty of IFS officer?

Functions: Negotiating agreements; Consular facilities; Press and legal matters. Other roles of IFS officers include: Negotiating agreements on various issues with the authorities of foreign states. Providing consular facilities to foreigners and Indian nationals out of country.

Do IFS officers get holidays?

Every IFS officer gets 30 days of Earned Leave + 8 days of Casual Leave + 2 days of Restricted Holiday leave when in India and when abroad in addition he gets 15 days of extra leave.

What is the salary of an IFS officer?

The overall IFS salary is around 60,000 per month including all the benefits and allowances. But this salary differs based on the candidates posting, that is if the selected candidate got his/her posting in foreign countries then he/she may receive a salary of 2.40 lakhs under special foreign allowance.

What subject is required for IFS?

Candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects namely, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Forestry or Engineering of a recognised university or equivalent.

Why do people choose IFS?

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Also, to make sure our relations stay friendly with other countries. It is a highly diplomatic job. Maintaining the trade deals, military cooperation, academic and cultural relations etc. … IFS officers also handle the issues faced by Indian citizens living abroad.

How can I clear my ifs exam?

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam Preparation TipsStudy thoroughly through text books and practice writing model answers.Get hold of previous years’ question papers and try formulating correct and precise answers.You have to be proficient in English, as the questions are set and to be answered only in ENGLISH.More items…

Do IFS officers get cars?

We get good houses when posted abroad and we are able to save enough money to buy a good car. If we go out for meetings, then an Embassy/Consulate vehicle is available in case the officer doesn’t have a personal car. We get diplomatic license plates even on personal cars.

How many ifs are selected every year?

In recent years, the intake into the Indian Foreign Service has averaged between 30-35 persons annually. The present cadre strength of the service stands at approximately 850 officers manning around 193 Indian missions and posts abroad and the various posts in the Ministry at home.

Can IFS officer buy Lamborghini?

Yes . They can afford an Audi. They can also afford a BMW,a Jaguar, a Lamborghini and for that matter any other luxurious car. And if they work harder and with more dedication they can even have their chartered Jet and can also own a palace in the most expensive locality of the city.