Quick Answer: What Jobs Are In Shortage In Us?

What jobs will be in demand 2020?

Here are the best jobs of 2020:Software Developer.Dentist.Physician Assistant.Orthodontist.Nurse Practitioner.Statistician.Physician..

What industry has the most job openings?

The 7 industries with the most job openingsProfessional & business services. Rate: 5.8% Number of openings: 1.3 million. … Health care & social assistance. Rate: 5.6% Number of openings: 1.2 million. … Accommodation & food services. Rate: 5.5% … Retail trade. Rate: 5.3% … Real estate. Rate: 5.1% … Transportation, warehousing & utilities. Rate: 4.8% … Construction. Rate: 4.4%

Does the US have a labor shortage?

America is facing an unprecedented skilled labor shortage. According to the Department of Labor, the US economy had 7.6 million unfilled jobs, but only 6.5 million people were looking for work as of January 2019 and it is more apparent than ever that our country is suffering because of it.

What jobs have a skills shortage?

Occupational skill shortages informationAccountants.Agriculture and horticulture occupations.Automotive trades.Building professions, and architecture and building technicians.Child care occupations.Construction trades.Electrotechnology and telecommunications technicians and trades.Engineering professions and technicians.More items…•

How many unfilled jobs are there in the United States?

7 million unfilledWhile the skills gap may be partially responsible for the nearly 7 million unfilled US jobs, the labor market isn’t just lacking skills—it’s lacking workers. Many businesses leaders note the lack of available workers as one of their greatest challenges this year.

What jobs will never go away?

What Jobs Will Never Go Away?Healthcare Professionals. … Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners. … Registered Nurses. … Physicians and Surgeons. … Other Healthcare Career Paths. … Public Safety and Security Professionals. … Police Officers, Detectives and Criminal Investigators. … Court Reporters.More items…•

What is the number 1 job in America?

A separate report by U.S. News & World Report that looked at work-life balance, salary and career development lists software developer as the No. 1 job, which has a median annual salary of $103,620.

What careers will be in demand in 10 years?

Here are the top 10 jobs expected to grow the most in the next 10 years, plus their median annual wage in 2018:Solar photo-voltaic installers. … Wind turbine service technicians. … Home health aides. … Personal care aides. … Occupational therapy assistants. … Information security analysts. … Physician assistants. … Statisticians.More items…•

What jobs are in high demand in USA?

The 15 most in-demand jobs, some of which pay over $80,000 per yearHome health aide. … Nursing assistant. … Construction worker. … Physical therapy aide. … Medical technologist. … Truck driver. … Operations research analyst. … Financial advisor.More items…•

Why is there a shortage of workers?

Their most common reasons for not working are because they’re enrolled in school or taking care of family members, according to the Labor Department. Economists agree that employers need to do more to entice workers to join the labor market.

What other skills are in high demand?

Top skills in demand in the workforceCloud computing.Artificial intelligence.Sales leadership.Analysis.Translation.Mobile app development.People management.Video production.More items…•

Are there more job openings than unemployed?

There are still 1.4 million more jobs than unemployed people, but the gap is closing. Job openings fell to 7.35 million in May, leaving a gap of 1.37 million compared with unemployed workers, according to the JOLTS report.