Quick Answer: What Is A SF 86 Security Clearance?

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?

National Security Clearances are a hierarchy of five levels, depending on the classification of materials that can be accessed—Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC), Enhanced Baseline Standard (EBS), Security Check (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV)..

Who can see my SF 86?

So, the answer to “Who can view my SF-86?” is: only those performing investigations and their support staff. Perhaps law enforcement and courts may view pertinent information during legal proceedings.

How do I get a copy of a SF 86?

You can request a copy through the freedom of information act.

Does your employer see your sf86?

The short answer is no – your references won’t see any portion of the SF-86. Any questions they are asked will be directly related to one of the adjudicative criteria, or questions on the SF-86 form. … You should rest assured that the information you provide on your SF-86 is meant to remain private.

What can make you fail a security clearance?

You may be denied security clearance for any number of reasons, including drug involvement, financial debt or affluence (being overly acquisitive), gambling addiction, undue foreign influence, reckless sexual behavior, technology misuse, or other behavior the government deems as a risk to national security.

Do security clearances check Internet history?

Your Browser History is Not a Factor for Your Security Clearance. … Policy has been updated to include the option of searching public-facing social media sites as a part of the security clearance investigation process, but it’s worth noting that the government is not currently doing that.

How do you fill out a SF 86?

Tips for Filling out Your Employment Activities on the SF-86List ALL jobs beginning with the present and back 10 full years with no breaks. … Do NOT list tentative or future employment.Do not stretch employment dates to fill gaps when you were really unemployed for a month or more.More items…•

How long does an SF 85 take?

Agencies usually submit the investigation within 14 days of your start date and issue you a ID badge based on the favorable review of your fingerprints, OF-306, and SF-85 submission. A clean Tier 1 is processing at about 4-6 months right now. Thanks a lot Marko!

What is SF 85 security clearance?

The shortest and least intrusive form is the SF-85, “Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions.” The SF-85 is used to request NACI investigations to support Low Risk positions. The SF-85P, “Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions,” is used to request a MBI investigation on Moderate Risk positions.

What type of clearance is SF 86?

The SF-86 is used for all security clearance determinations, including Secret and Top Secret clearances.

How long does it take to process an SF 86?

Usually how long after submitting your sf86 were you then initially contacted? This is for an IC position agency wise. Anywhere from two weeks to 1.5 years. Answer your phone, make sure your voicemail is set up, and actually check your voicemail and you won’t have an issue.

What percentage of security clearances are denied?

The National Security Agency denied the most applicants–9.2 percent. The National Reconnaissance Office and the Central Intelligence Agency had the next greatest number of denials, at 7.4 percent and 6.5 percent, respectively.