Quick Answer: What Does Ith Stand For?

What does OCF mean in texting?

Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture (1) Organizations, Education Schools etc.

( 16) Technology, IT etc (14) OCF — Overwhelming Colorfast..

What is the meaning of ITH?

ith(Adjective) Occurring at position i in a sequence.

What does EOTH stand for?

Escalator Over the HillEOTHAcronymDefinitionEOTHEscalator Over the Hill (jazz opera)

What is an ith pattern?

In the Hoop (ITH) means you will be creating a 3D item – a doll or softie – using ITH Digital Pattern Files on an Embroidery Machine (B) within a Machine Embroidery Hoop (A). … ITH Patterns are digital files you load onto your Embroidery Machine. There is NO paper pattern to print off.

What does etoh stand for police?

IntoxicatedEDP: Emotionally Disturbed Person. ETOH: Intoxicated.

What does etoh mean in nursing?

What Does ETOH Stand for in Nursing? ETOH is short for ethanol or ethyl alcohol. In other words alcohol. You see there are several different kinds of alcohol (more on that below). All alcohols have the elements Oxygen (O) and Hydrogen (H).

What does OFC mean sexually?

See also: “Snack” or “snacc” Netflix and chill — Getting together and hooking up. No cap — Used to indicate that someone is not lying. NP — No problem. OFC — Short for “of course”

What does OFR stand for?

OFRAcronymDefinitionOFROperating and Financial ReviewOFROffice of the Federal Register (US NARA)OFROfficer of the Federal Republic (Nigeria)OFROff Ramp20 more rows

Is CAJ a word?

First, the abbreviation of a word should not be longer or more complex than the word itself. Second, it should embody something of the spirit of the word. Caj is simple, direct, and brief—Dress code: caj—but it also lends itself to languorous lengthening: The date was cajjjjjjjjjj.

What is in the hoop embroidery designs?

In the hoop designs are ones that are constructed inside of your embroidery hoop. We offer lots of fun, unique and creative items that can be made in your hoop using various techniques. We include detailed instructions with photos with our designs.

What does ITH mean in texting?

Insert Title HereITH — Insert Title Here.

What does EtOH mean in EMS?

drinking alcoholThis is commonly known as “drinking alcohol”. If you hear a paramedic say “ETOH on board” you can guess what is being said. Frequent Flyer – Someone who uses the EMS system often.

What does DAJ stand for in accounting?

Debtors Allowance JournalDAJ (Debtors Allowance Journal) CPJ (Cash Payments Journal)

What does CAJ stand for?

CAJAcronymDefinitionCAJCanadian Association of JournalistsCAJChina Academic JournalsCAJChannel Access for JavaCAJCommittee on the Administration of Justice (UK)21 more rows

What is in the hoop sewing?

In a nutshell, In-the-Hoop embroidery designs are digital sewing patterns that stitch themselves on your embroidery machine – literally! … The entire bag is stitched by the embroidery machine – the ribbon, the applique, the monogram, the bag construction and YES – even the zipper!

What does OFC mean in Snapchat?

Of CourseOFC means “Of Course.” This is the most common definition for OFC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.