Quick Answer: What Are The Traditional Means Of Communication In Nigeria?

What are the types of traditional communication?

Traditional communication can be defined as the physical act of transferring information.

We speak, hear, send and receive text and instant messages, and transmit e-mail.

We engage in phone conversations; we listen to MP3s, radio, and TV; we read and write..

What are the five means of communication?

Five Types of CommunicationVerbal Communication. Verbal communication occurs when we engage in speaking with others. … Non-Verbal Communication. What we do while we speak often says more than the actual words. … Written Communication. Whether it is an email, a memo, a report, a Facebook post, a Tweet, a contract, etc. … Listening. … Visual Communication.

What are traditional communication tools?

Radio. Radio is a very important tool since it was discovered to be able to receive information in the form of sound or signal using electromagnetic waves. … Facsimile. … Newspapers. … Television. … Telephone cable. … Cellphone. … Computers.

What are some old ways of communication?

Some of the oldest forms of human communication include talking or making sounds, drawing or painting, dancing, acting, and using symbols. Making sounds such as grunting or guttural sounds at a low pitch or high pitch would indicate either social communication or be a warning sign.

What is traditional channel of communication?

Traditional channels include newspapers, magazines, flyers, telephone, radio, television, and direct mail, which is mail sent to the home or workplace of potential customers. Traditional communication channels generally can be broken into three broad subcategories: print, broadcast, and media.

What are the modern method of communication?

Types Of Modern CommunicationSocial Media.Social Media – Direct Message (DM)Instant Message (IM)SMS Text Messaging.Email Marketing.Direct Email.Blogging.Voice Calling.More items…•

What are the traditional means of communication in the olden days?

Other means of mass communication (one way, of course) were radio speeches and public meetings. Radio was important in our lives those days. And finally, the most common was personal visits, meetings and chats.

What is the first means of communication in Nigeria?

By 1952, there was an inner telephone line between Ibadan and Lagos. It quickly extended to other Nigerian cities, but that was the connection between the country states and its London colonial center. Telegraph was also introduced along with fixed phone lines. Lagos’ first service of 60-users was established by 1960.

What are the advantages of traditional communication?

ADVANTAGES OF TRADITIONAL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION.Different communication methods reduce confusion. … It is face to face interaction which increases the understanding capability increases memory. … They are cheaper than many other forms of communication more so compared to modern.More items…•

What is the difference between traditional and modern communication?

Traditional means of communication have a passive audience meaning that the audience are not involved in the content in the medium while modern means of communication have an active audience are participating in the content in the medium. … Modern media: the internet, e-mail, social media, and blogging.

What is traditional means of communication?

Traditional communication can be defined as a communication which involves all the social conventions and practices, modes of and social organizations whose chief concerns may not be with communication but with other activities.