Question: What Is Cal Kestis Lightsaber Form?

Is Cal Kestis powerful?

For a Jedi, Cal Kestis at the end of Fallen Order has an above average level of natural Force ability but a far below average level of training.

By the end of Fallen Order, Cal was able to single-handedly defeat the Ninth Sister and the Second Sister, two Imperial Inquisitors trained by Darth Vader..

Who is Cal Kestis based on?

actor Cameron MonaghanThe appearance of protagonist Cal Kestis was modeled after his voice actor Cameron Monaghan. No loading screens will appear when the player travels from one planet to another. The Zeffo species head’s have a large crest that protrudes out the back of them, giving them a very alien appearance.

Who is the strongest Jedi?

Top 10 Strongest Jedi of All TimeKit Fisto (the one on the right)Plo Koon.Nomi Sunrider.Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mark Rain, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.Mace Windu.Revan.Yoda.Luke Skywalker.More items…•

Will Cal Kestis be in Mandalorian?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cal Kestis May Appear In The Mandalorian. … Brought to us by Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, this Dark Souls-influenced third-person actioner put us in the boots of Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan on the run from the Empire after Order 66.

Why is Cal Kestis lightsaber broken?

This lightsaber was used by Cal Kestis. It was given to Kestis by Jaro Tapal, his master. Due to Cal’s crystal becoming broken when he faced his fears, Cere Junda gave her lightsaber to Cal. Cal also fuses Eno Cordova’s lightsaber hilt to his own.

Who has the rarest lightsaber?

Yellow lightsabers are some of the rarest blades to be wielded by a member of the Jedi Order. Jedi Master Plo Koon and Ahsoka Tano have been known to utilize them on occasion, but they are primarily the blade color of the Jedi Sentinel.

Is Cal Kestis a strong Jedi?

Cal is strong enough to defeat two inquisitors and hold his own against a former Jedi master for a little while. Inquisitors were trained to hunt down Jedi so defeating one isn’t a feat to scoff at but it doesn’t necessarily put him on the level of anyone on this list.

What did Cal Kestis do after fallen order?

After his master’s death, Kestis lived in exile on the planet Bracca, working as a rigger for the Scrapper Guild until he was discovered by the Second Sister and the Ninth Sister.

Where is Cal Kestis in Star Wars?

BraccaCal Kestis is a member of the Scrapper Guild located on Bracca, where he works as a rigger — a specialization in the guild that involves setting up demolition and salvage equipment.

What is Cal Kestis Canon lightsaber color?

There are eight different lightsaber colours in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. At the start of the game, however, your hero Cal Kestis can only use two of them: blue and green. These are of course the iconic Skywalker shades, favoured by Luke in the original trilogy.

What age is Cal Kestis?

Cal was only 12 years old during the purge, which puts him at 17 in the game. Historically, we see very few Padawans becoming Jedi Knights before the age of 20. Among those are Anakin and Ahsoka. Thanks to Cere and Cal’s hard efforts to retrieve the Jedi Holocron, his name joins the list of young Jedi Knights.

Is Cal Kestis stronger than Luke?

Cal is definitely stronger than ESB Luke, that’s not even a contest. Luke had maybe a week of training and virtually zero lightsaber experience. Cal would definitely school him. Anakin AotC though, it might be a tougher fight because he is channeling the dark side a bit by then.

How many Midichlorians does Cal Kestis have?

At least three-fiddy. Well, he defeated two ‘fully trained’ inquisitors who had been trained in the dark side and as former jedi whose midichlorian counts were likely to be 9000 – 12000.

Is Cal Kestis a Sith?

Why that last bit is important, as we found out, is that Cal doesn’t exactly operate like a Jedi – in fact, he acts a lot more like a Sith.

Who is Cal Kestis actor?

Cameron MonaghanFor Cameron Monaghan, the actor playing Cal Kestis — a Padawan survivor of Order 66 in the upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — it’s an easy answer.

Can Cal become a Sith?

True, Cal Kestis is still a padawan, but you’d thing that being pursued by a towering, bin-wearing maniac would push you over the edge. Regardless, while you’ll face the Sith in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you can’t join their ranks.

Is Cal Kestis canon?

Well yes. He’s in a canon video game.

How many Jedi survived Order 66?

12 JediStar Wars: 12 Jedi Who Survived Order 66 (And 8 Who Should Have) Just an Fyi: Obi-Wan escaped the clones on Utapau not Geonosis.