Question: What Does Wookie Mean?

What is a Wookie chick?

Enter the wookie.

Named after the Star Wars character, wookies are like the unenlightened, neanderthal version of the hippie-sapien.

Most people enjoy being around hippies due to their strict commitment to good vibes..

How do you say hello in Wookie?

Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. (“Hello. How are you?”)

Why do they call female Marines Wookies?

Later, the Walking Mattresses became “Wook’s,” short for Wookie, the big, hairy creatures in Star Wars. They call them Wook’s on the assumption that most Marines who happen to be female also happen to be unattractive, undesirable, sexual trash.

Can a Wookie speak basic?

Language. The most common Wookiee language is Shyriiwook. … Wookiees are capable of understanding Galactic Basic, but generally none are able to speak it because of the structure of Wookiee vocal cords. In the original Star Wars trilogy, it seems that Chewbacca can understand humans.

Do Wookies eat humans?

‘Solo’ Novelization Reveals If Chewbacca Has Actually Eaten Humans. … Today, Lucasfilm released the official novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was written by Mur Lafferty, and the author answered the question once and for all: no, Chewie doesn’t eat people.

Can Wookies be Jedi?

Jedi from the Wookie species are rare, but they’ve existed before. The reason that you haven’t seen a lot of Wookie Jedi — or any, really — is because in Star Wars canon, they’re actually pretty hard to come by. … When Gungi goes to make his lightsaber with droid Professor Huyang, the professor said, “A Wookiee!

Is Wookie a word?

noun Common misspelling of Wookiee .

Is Chewbacca the only Wookiee left?

Chewbacca is just the only main wookie in the series.

What is the Wook flu?

HOW TO AVOID WOOK FLU. This is a cold/sinus infection that usually happens the week after a festival. … Wook flu is caused by a combination of our bodies and immune systems being worn down by partying and activity and an unfamiliar (to each person) virus or bacteria somewhere on the festival grounds.

Is Wookie a Scrabble word?

WOOKIE is not a valid scrabble word.