Question: What Does A Star Tattoo Stand For?

What is the meaning of a 5 point star tattoo?

Pentacle or Pentagram Stars The 5 points of the pentacle symbolizes air, water, fire, earth and the spirit.

If you are planning on getting this tattoo, make sure you get the design pointing up..

What do star tattoos mean on guys?

Chest is the most popular place to wear your nautical star tattoo. Nautical star tattoos for guys basically mean guiding one back home or a safe journey through life. Nautical star tattoos designs are meant for the brave hearts, who face all the storms and dangers of the sea or life.

What does star tattoos on shoulders mean?

The eyes on the chest signify ‘I can see everything’ and ‘I am watching,’ the powerful tattoo of a criminal ‘overseer. ‘ The eight-pointed stars tattooed on the shoulders mark the bearer as an ‘authoritative’ thief.

What do 2 star tattoos mean?

Two-star tattoos are a variation on the nautical star tattoo design and usually mean that the wearer has survived some dangerous activity while working on the sea.

What do star tattoos mean on a woman?

There are several reasons and meanings behind star tattoos. … Sometimes they symbolize one’s hope of becoming a star or one’s goals and determination to reach for the stars.

What does a black star mean?

The black star, with its connotation of darkness, would ordinarily be averse – what is usually thought of as the ‘evil’ pentagram. … This star was always a symbol of ‘light’ and of the powers of generation, opposed to darkness and ‘degeneration’.