Question: Is Working For MCCS A Federal Job?


Officially, the MCCS is an “instrumentality” of the United States government, wholly owned by the government.

It is known as a Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI).

Employees are either NAF, civil service, active duty military, or contractors.

Each personnel system has different benefit and incentive programs..

Are NAF employees federal employees?

NAF employment is considered Federal employment. It is, however, different from Federal civil service employment because the monies used to pay the salaries of NAF employees are not appropriated by Congress. Civil service positions are paid with funds appropriated by Congress.

What is DCTB USMC?

DCTB stands for Date Current Tour Began (United States Marine Corps)

Are Aafes employees government employees?

Yes, AAFES employees are federal employees. They work for the Department of Defense. … AAFES employees are not paid as GS (General Schedule) federal employees but we were still considered as working for the federal government. Usually GS employees make much better wages than an AAFES employee.

What is Afadbd?

Definition. AFADBD. Armed Forces Active Duty Base Date.

Is MWR a federal job?

MWR, the Morale, Welfare and Recreation office, is synonymous with NAF (non-appropriated funds) positions. While NAF employment is federal employment, NAF employees are not paid through Congressional budgets. … The program was soon adopted under the federal umbrella and in 1940 MWR was officially established.

What is a civilian Marine?

Who are the Civilian Marines? In 2000, General Charles Krulak, 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps, first used the term “Civilian Marines.” Since then, it has come to describe the special service that the civilian workforce provides to the Marine Corps Total Force structure.

Are Marines brainwashed?

You Bet! And it isn’t just American Soldiers and Marines, every nation has to brainwash their troops to some extent, in order to get them to kill on command. Pride in the Marine Corps, respect and admiration for other Marines stays with you until you die. …

What does NAF stand for Military?

Non-appropriated fundsNon-appropriated funds (NAF) employment is considered federal employment. However, it is different from federal civil service employment because the monies used to pay the salaries of NAF employees come from a different source.

How is NAF retirement calculated?

With the NAF Retirement Plan, you contribute 2% of your gross salary each pay period. Your employer contributes another 7.6% to the Army NAF Retirement Trust, which pays your retirement benefits when you retire.

Can Marines kill with bare hands?

“Usually, we prefer that our Marines use weapons in combat. Our motto is ‘one mind, any weapon. … Marines also learn to kill with their bare hands, if necessary, said Bourgault.

How old do you have to be to work at the Navy exchange?

18 Years17 or 18 Years of age for employment.

What military rank is a GS 12 equivalent to?

Equivalent Civilian to Military RanksCivilian GradeMilitary RankArmy TitleGS-11, GS-12O-3CaptainGS-13O-4MajorGS-14O-5Lieutenant ColonelGS-15O-6Colonel20 more rows

Do civilians outrank military?

No; in general civilians have no rank at all (unless they are retired commissioned officers, who by federal law, retain their rank, but not their authority, for life). … So, while some civilians clearly outrank all military personnel, the overwhelming majority do not outrank even an “E-1.”