Question: How Many Help Desk Staff Do I Need?

What is the ratio of IT support to users?

An overall employee-to-help desk ratio of about 70:1 for organizations with a single operating system and network is considered suitable.

That number drops to 45:1 for enterprise networks using a number of operating systems and no consistent hardware standard.

Do you need to hire more help desk professionals?.

How big should it Department be?

Determining the appropriate staffing levels for IT means sorting through a number of complicating factors. These include the size of your business. For larger businesses, the general rule of thumb is one full-time IT person per 75 to 125 users.

How many IT staff should I have?

4 or 5 staff for your environment might be a good start (unless you are 24/7, then you might want to consider 5 or 6 on a rotational scheduled) and then you can figure out from there if you should have more or less.

How do you calculate staffing ratio?

Follow the same process for determining your FTE support staff. Then, divide the number of FTE support staff by the number of FTE physicians. This quotient is your staffing ratio. For example, 15 FTE support staff divided by 3.5 FTE physicians = 4.3 FTE support staff per FTE physician.

How many computers can one technician support?

It might surprise you to know that in an efficient and automated environment, the ratio should be between 150:1 to 200:1. So, up to 200 computers per IT technician.

What is Help Desk staff?

The most common definition of a help desk is a centralized team within a company that serves employees or customers en masse, using a software product to organize conversations.