Question: Do I Pick My Job At MEPS?

How long after MEPS is boot camp?

Originally Answered: how long does it take to get sent to basic training after MEPS.

It depends on the job and how many openings it has.

MOS with high volume of soldiers may take a couple months before you actually ship off.

But the average time from what I’ve heard is 1–6 months..

How long does MEPS physical take?

two full daysThe Department of Defense operates MEPS facilities with the assistance of military and civilian personnel who specialize in determining an applicant’s physical, mental and moral readiness to enter the military. Completing a MEPS screening typically takes two full days of testings and screenings.

Why are Army recruiters so pushy?

Salesmen are pushy and forceful because they must convince people to something they might not be disposed to do. Military Recruiters have particular quotas (like most salesmen) that they must meet to do their job. Some recruiters barely get 3 hours of sleep because they’re busy trying to meet their quotas.

Is 70 a good Asvab score?

The present-day AFQT score is the most important ASVAB score, because it determines whether you can join the military service of your choice. … In other words, if you have an AFQT score of 70, that means you scored as well or better than 70 percent of those 12,000 folks.

What happens if you don’t pick a job at MEPS?

Nothing. You don’t have to pick a job or sign a contract if you don’t like the jobs you are offered. You can wait until other jobs become available.

Can you pick your job in the military?

In the Army, an enlisted job is called an “MOS,” or “Military Occupation Specialty.” The Army is the only service that offers a guaranteed job (MOS) to everyone. … If the job you want is not available, your only choices are to choose a different job, or not enlist.

Can you walk out of MEPS?

It worked out. Only sign when YOU feel comfortable, you did the right thing. If you had told your recruiter those were the only rates you wanted, (s)he should’ve told you there is a chance you’d have to sign a contract for a fake job (that you can walk away from) until the PSSQ is done.

Can you quit basic training?

Yes, you definitely can quit in basic. It’s called entry level separation. It’s not dishonorable or honorable.

Is a 55 on the Asvab good?

Conclusion: What Is a Good ASVAB Score? There are three types of ASVAB scores you’ll get: Standard Scores: Given for each subtest; 50 is average and 60 is above average.

Can I change my job at MEPS?

Yes you can change your MOS once you’re in the Army but it’s not nearly as simple or easy later on. Army MOS Reclassification Programs According to, soldiers enlisted in the Army can switch jobs in several ways, including through re-enlistment. …

Can I go to MEPS by myself?

Contacting MEPS doesn’t make sense, they only process candidates. What you need to,do is move up the chain of command and contact your recruiter’s boss. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, every recruiter is part of a command.

What is a good score on Asvab?

Question: What is a good ASVAB score? Answer: A good ASVAB score would be a passing score, which would be anything above the minimum required score for the branch of the military that you are seeking to enlist in. For the Army, that would be any score above 31. For the Air Force, that would be any score above 36.