Is The Post Office Test Hard?

What is the postal service assessment test like?

The Postal Exam 473 is an exam that is required for those who want to enter an entry-level job with the U.S.

Postal Service.

The USPS exam tests your aptitude for performing tasks such as completing forms, checking addresses, coding, memory, speed, and accuracy.


Is it hard to get a job at USPS?

Not difficult but there are some requirements that have to be met. You need to have a clean drug test, no felonies in your background, be willing to work hard, lifting requirements for different jobs. You will have to be flexible with your work days because most jobs are part time at girst.

Does it cost money to apply to USPS?

Applying for a federal or postal job also is free. Federal agencies and the U.S. Postal Service never charge application fees or guarantee that someone will be hired. … You call and are told you qualify — you just need to pay for study materials to ensure a high score on the postal exam.

Does USPS do a credit check for employment?

Yes. Criminal and credit history is a part of their background check.

How much do USPS workers make?

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were more than ½ million postal workers employed in the calendar year of 2018. The BLS also reports the following salary statistics for USPS workers: Median Annual Postal Worker Salary – $58,760, which translates to $28.25 per hour.

How do I study for the postal exam?

Professional postal exam prep products are the best way to prepare for your postal exam. Taking postal practice exams help you get used to what will be on the actual exam. To obtain a local post office job, you first need to apply for a job with the US Post Office.

Do you really have to pay for the postal exam?

There is no fee to take the USPS 473-test. When the 473-exam is completed, a job applicant can utilize their score to apply for other USPS job openings for at least several years.

How long does it take for the post office to hire you?

The turnover rate is so extremely high that it only takes a week or two for the hiring process to be completed. They need people, but are unable to keep most. From start to finish, it took me about 4 1/2- 5 months to get through all the steps, to include in person interviews and appointments.

What is the best job at the post office?

“Rural Carrier is the best job in the post office” – Postal Employees – Federal Soup.

What is a good score for postal exam 477?

The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) – CS (477) is an exam you must go through to become a Customer Service Clerk in the USPS. But if you want to be considered for this job, you must score at least 70, which is not that easy. According to the USPS, only 10%-20% of candidates reach that goal.

How much does a postal custodian make?

How much does a Custodian make at United States Postal Service in the United States? Average United States Postal Service Custodian yearly pay in the United States is approximately $38,399, which is 38% above the national average.

What is a good score for the USPS assessment test?

The Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (474), aka the Mail Carrier Test, is a mandatory screening step that anyone who wishes to become a mailman has to pass. Getting a passing score of 70 is vital, because candidates who fail to reach this score receive an ineligible status.

Can you take the 473 exam online?

The amount of time will vary based on what assessment you are taking. For example, if you are taking the first part of Exam 473, the online assessment is expected to take you approximately one hour to complete. Before you begin the assessment, the instructions will tell you how long to allot.

How long does the postal exam take?

You will be asked 236 questions in 90 minutes on your personal characteristics, tendencies, or experiences related to performing effectively as a Postal Service Employee. Part A of the exam will test your address checking skills by presenting you with 60 multiple choice questions in 11 minutes.

Is Post Office a good job?

The Postal Service has been a bastion of solid middle class jobs with good benefits. According to government data, the average annual pay of the 315,000 letter carriers at the postal service is $51,390. The second most common job, the 140,000 mail sorters, get paid an average of $48,380.

What are the requirements to work for the post office?

To be eligible for career or noncareer Postal Service employment, an applicant must be a United States citizen, a lawful permanent resident alien (one who possesses a “green card”), or a citizen of American Samoa or other territory owing permanent allegiance to the United States.

How long does it take for the post office to do a background check?

The average time is 7 to 10 business days.