How Old Is Richard Wershe Jr?

Is White Boy Rick’s true story?

White Boy Rick is a 2018 American biographical crime drama film directed by Yann Demange and written by Andy Weiss, and Logan and Noah Miller.

Based on a true story (but mostly fictional), the film stars Richie Merritt as Richard Wershe Jr., who in the 1980s became the youngest FBI informant ever at the age of 14..

Is Richard wershe Jr still in jail?

DETROIT (FOX 2) – Richard Wershe Jr., whose significance in Detroit pop culture has risen along with the nickname White Boy Rick, is now officially a free man after being incarcerated for more than 30 years.

Is Richard wershe Jr free?

In case you missed it, Richard “White Boy Rick” Wershe Jr. was released earlier this week from a Florida halfway house. They were his first steps of true freedom since he was a teenager. After spending more than 30 years behind bars and paroled, as of Monday, Wershe was free.

What is Rick wershe doing now?

Rick Wershe Jr. says he’s ‘at peace’ after long prison stay Richard Wershe Jr. is “at peace” and plans to work for prison reform now that he’s a free man after 32 years, the onetime Detroit drug dealer told a British newspaper in his first interview since his release from prison last month.

Why is White Boy Rick still in jail?

Wershe got paid for his information. When officials didn’t need him anymore, he sold drugs and became known as “White Boy Rick.” He got caught dealing drugs and was sentenced to life in prison, but after 30 years, he was released. Wershe spent additional time in a Florida prison for committing felonies behind bars.

Who is White Boy Rick’s sister?

Dawn WersheRichard Wershe Jr./Sisters

Who shot Rick wershe?

Nate Boone CraftHere they were using a child as an underage informant, which I believe is against all types of laws.” Many believe Rick was lucky to survive being shot at 15, as well as an attempted murder by the confessed Detroit hitman known as Nate Boone Craft.

How long did White Boy Rick serve?

After nearly 30 years in prison, the man known as White Boy Rick was granted parole. However, prison time was not over for Wershe. Back in 2006, he pleaded guilty to being involved in a Florida car theft ring from behind bars.